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New Wine, New Taste, New England, Granite Belt.

We may be the new kids on the block. Let us show you award winning wineries.

This will add another aspect to your visit.
Excellent award winning vintages complimented by good food, make for the perfect day.

 “There is not other region which has come on stream with so much to offer as New England and Granite Belt. Variations in altitude, aspect, degree of slope and soil type gives  a wide choice of variety and wine style”.
This is evidence by multi award wining wines at wine shows for the region as well as acceptance in many outlets and on the wine list of restaurants.


to the North:


Hidden Creek Winery

Balancing Rock Wines

Pyramids Road Wines

Girraween Estate Wines

to the South:
Splitters Swamp Vineyard

to the West:
Zappa Wines

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Known as the 'Birthplace of our Nation'

Sir Henry Parkes delivered his famous Federation Speech in the Tenterfield School of Arts on 24th October 1889, which ultimately led to the Federation of all Australian States in 1901. The School of Arts now houses a fantastic museum dedicated to the life of Sir Henry Parkes, federation and local history.


Bald Rock rewards bush walkers with an expansive panoramic view. 260m above the surrounding bush land, Bald Rock is a massive granite dome 750m long and 500m wide. Discover the magic of the largest exposed granite monolith in the Southern Hemisphere. At close to 1300 metres above sea level, it feels like a remote "top of the world" experience.

TENTERFIELD -the gateway to New England High Country enjoying mild summers, blazing autumn colours, sunny winter days and crisp winter nights. There is always something going on in Tenterfield. Come up and play and discover all this fascination region has to offer

Very few towns in our Great Land can claim so much History as can Tenterfield.

From Indigenous Australians to European Settlement in 1840 right through to the present day, the many people and events that shaped our area, helped shape our country as we know it today.

People like....

  • Sir Stuart Alexander Donaldson

  • Sir Robert Ramsey Mackenzie


  • John Holmes Reid

  • Oliver Woodward


  • Sir Harry Chauvel


Then Amazing History connected to the Boer War/1st World War/2nd World War

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Spectacular views

True Colours...

New England High Country



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