Sandra Krebelj-Douglas  recommends Tenterfield Tours.

January 10 at 2:19 AM

i booked a private custom tour to Tenterfield through Tenterfield Tours. This was no ordinary was a first ever & especially arranged for us. I left everything in Kevin's capable hands and what he delivered was beyond my expectations!

Voices sang. Hugs shared. Eyes teared. It was beautiful.

Why visit Tenterfield, NSW?

Go for the natural beauty of the bush. Granite formations throughout the landscape. Scenic country roads. Free range cows, sheep, horses grazing everywhere and even the occasional kangaroo that runs across the road. Aboriginal ancestral grounds. Excellent wines made with handpicked grapes. Locally sourced eucalyptus teas.

Go for the history. Tenterfield is a small country town that almost served as the capital of Australia...this is the birthplace of modern day Australia.

Go for the welcoming town folk who invite you back as their guest.

Our exceptional trip was made possible by Kevin of Tenterfield Tours and his lovely wife Jenny of Tenterfield Boutique Accommodations. Kevin catered to our every need. He crafted a one of a kind customized tour focused on Peter Allen with special moments throughout. It was perfect in every way. He is incredibly knowledgeable, super accommodating and overall a wonderful man. Jenny prepared yummy home cooked meals. We met their friends, shared stories. We wish the world was a little smaller so that we could see our new mates sooner!

Go spend some time there!

Anita chose Heritage Tours

We recently went on a tour with Tenterfield Tour. We chose the Heritage Tour and was blown away with the tour guide and his knowledge of Tenterfield and its History. We did not know there was so much to see and Tenterfield has so much History. Wow I would recommend this tour. Sit back and relax and find out the History of Tenterfield

History rich Tenterfield, there was so much to see and not enough time to see everything, we will be back . Fantastic Tour, Kev was so full of knowledge. Sally Evens

We were amazed, as we did not know Tenterfield had so much to offer. The Climb up Bald Rock was awe inspiring, all the rock formations and then the view from the top, Wow!!  We then went to Boonoo Boonoo National Park for a picnic lunch. Before lunch we had a swim at the rock pools. After lunch we went exploring and seen the  water falls. Fab day was had by all. Highly recommend. Scott